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Flatland Buggy Freestyle 

Just getting in to kite buggying? Then check out these first steps to turn you into a freestyler.

This is my interpretation to how I do each trick.  If you have any input of descriptions that helped you, please email them to me! If you girls have any videos of you doing them, please send them too :)


Once you’ve mastered going forwards and turning, it’s time to go backwards.

Emma is travelling at a steady speed with the kite roughly 45’.  Keep you legs locked in position to avoid involuntary wobbles.

Forward to Reverse Transitions

As with the power slide, though keeping your arm out will help redistribute the weight.  Then, flick the wheel slightly away from the kite, fly the kite to the opposite side of the window until you are riding in reverse.  Straighten up then ride away.

Reverse Turning

It's the same as a forwards turn, only backwards.  Slowly bring the kite high then to the opposite side whilst steering with your feet.  Cross your fingers (on what will be your leading hand after the turn) before you start this to stop your brain making you pull the wrong side!

Forwards Upwind 180s

Turning away from the kite always feel a bit nerve racking at first since you feel turning away will pull you out of the buggy.  Keep the kite high then you turn around it rather than letting it pull you.  You’ll need to pass the bar over your head to complete the move.


Make a 45 degree turn away from the kite & lean away from the bar.  Keep your kite high to stop, or lower it, keeping the power on for maximum slide!

Forwards Upwind 360s

This is the same as the 180 keep the kite at 11o'clock, you'll need to be carrying a bit more speed to complete the move. At the 180 stage flick the wheel in the opposite direction as you spin round to forwards again straighten up and ride away.

​Forwards Downwind 360 Transition 

As with a forwards downwind 360, flick the front wheel towards the kite, at 180 flick it in the opposite direction, at 360 flick it in the opposite direction again whilst moving the kite to the opposite side of the wind window. Ride away forwards in the direction you just came from.

2 Wheel Leg Cross (& any other variation you want)

Play around with 2 wheels as much as you want:- cross your legs, drag a hand, take both feet off & steer with your hands, try & balance without moving etc etc

Two Wheels

Edge away from the kite,then when you can feel the tension in your lines flick the front wheel towards the kite to get the lift up, then straighten up immediately to regain tension & stay up. Continue to fly the kite to keep the momentum.  It’s all about balance!



2 Wheel Gybe

Wherever your shoulder go your kite shall follow so keep the bar in the direction you wish to travel & don’t try to turn too tight. I found the easiest way to do this was ride in a big square first rather than trying a full turn.  That way you get used to balancing on 2 wheels directly downwind first. Be careful not to leave your foot pegs in the ground!

Reverse Upwind 360

A reverse upwind 180 with a flick of the wheel in the opposite direction to complete the full 360. Straighten up & ride away.

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