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Sponsors and Support

A massive shout out and thank you to all my sponsors and to all those who support me, it's a pleasure flying for or with you. Click on the logos to visit there websites.

Peter Lynn

Go further than anyone has gone.......From product improvements to setting new records in crossing unexplored oceans and landscapes, Peter Lynn has always been about adventure! Thinking and acting beyond what was thought possible. Join us in the never ending passion to wander off and do things differently! Adventure awaits us all!

Forcefield Body Armour

Forcefield has led the way in introducing the concept that body armour doesn't have to be hard, rigid, and uncomfortable to wear. We design our body armour so that it's flexible, moulds to the users' body, stays in place and is so comfortable that you don't notice it.


Darksy Kites

DSK are commitited to bringing you a new style of kite wear, belly pans, race plates and clothing. Our products will not make you jump higher, go bigger or spin faster but we can guarantee you will look good trying


PLK based in New Zealand have been looking out for new ideas to improve the buggy experience. My current freestyle buggy includes a carbon composite axle.

Sea ID

Sea-ID provides personalised labels for action sports kit. Tag your gear with your number/email/logo using waterproof durable labels

Radical Kitesurf

Want to learn to kitesurf or looking for that perfectly flat empty spot? If your heading to the Darkside it doesn't get much better than with Neil in Turkey.


Mongoose is part of Nudge Creations who have been designing and making clothing and stickers for the last few years.

To go with our clothing we manufacture bespoke stickers including buggy race numbers to PKA specifications, club stickers, company brand stickers and any custom design you can think of.


Have fun with Coastriders this year. Kitesurfing, Kitebuggy,Kite Landboard, Paddleboard, Holidays and Courses. Action packed fun days and full on Adventure Holidays right on your doorstep in the adventure playground of Wales.


RAW Kite

2014 will see the World's first Freestyle Power Kite Progression Tour. We want our competitions to be different, not only to be enjoyable but to help riders progress their riding skills, whether this be general freestyle or aerial.

There will be 3 freestyle cups and 1 free terrain event to end the year.


Want to become part of the Ride Like A Girl Team?

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