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From your first flatland transitions to being fully Inverted these will help get you there.

Flatland Transition

When you are ready to turn, bring the kite to the top of the wind window whilst pushing with your back foot.  Move the kite to the opposite side of the window to power the kite up.  Your old back foot will now be pointing down wind & will therefore be your new front foot.  Enough power in the kite will help you ride away.

First touches

The first step to a grab - simply drop your back hand and lift your knees up.  This will help you redirect, stop unwanted rotations & keep the board on your feet.

Tweaked Tail Grab

Grab the wheel, the truck or the tail of your board, then tweak it out baby!


The kite should be at 11 o’clock. Tilt forwards and hold on to the bar. The kite will rescue you and pull you forwards. To lift up again you have to send the kite to 12 or 1 o’clock and pop the bar. If you have a fast kite and tried the trick a few times already you can loop your kite to lift up again.

Straight Jumps

At a comfortable speed with your kite around 11 0‘clock, start edging away from the kite (I choose to squat down, but you don’t have to).  Send the kite to the opposite side of the wind window, push the bar out, then pop it hard at around 12 O’clock.  The kite will continue to travel to 1 O’clock so redirect your leading hand so you land with enough forward momentum to continue to travel.  Spot your landing and try to land slightly on your back wheels first (absorbing the impact with soft knees) & with the front of the board pointing a little downwind.

Indie Grab

Grab the side of your board between your feet.

Jump Grab Transition

Here Sukie takes her front hand off the bar, pops the kite & redirects with the same hand whilst at the same time reaching for the grab.  Redirecting with your back hand will send the kite back in the opposite direction for the transition.

Surface Pass

Your kite stands at 10 o’clock. Then unhook. Then let the first hand off the bar and jump around 180° into the switch stance. Pass the bar behind your back so you are riding blind. Now jump again around 180° into the normal stance. The kite will nearly turn you on its own.


Load up your board & kite as if you were about to pop a small jump, then edge away but do not send the kite.  Instead, pop the bar & lift your front foot up. Next is a mixture of flying the kite with just enough power to keep the front wheels off the ground, whilst balancing on your back 2 wheels.


Push your legs up & straighten them out!  As you get better try & drop your head & push your hips towards the bar - I’m still working on that bit! :)


Jump as normal, but this time give a little pause then turn your head, shoulders & waist away from the kite to initiate the rotation.  See how Sukie’s hands are nice and centred whilst redirecting the front of the bar.  Spot your landing & ride away.  The key to this one is commit until you see the point 360’ away, otherwise you’ll stop rotating.

Board Off

Jump as normal. Grab your grabhandle. Pull your feet out of the bindings and straighten your legs. Shortly before landing put the board back on! For the first few tries you'll need a lot of hangtime. It’s easier to grab the board if you turn your body away from the bar a little bit (not like in the video ;-))

Tail Grab

Sukie lifts her knees whilst dropping her back hand to grap the tail of the board.



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