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LuIsa Bo 20 from Münster
Team Rider - Landboard


Why do you kite?

Because I want to fly


What do you do when there's no wind?

I'm studying and do athletics


Favourite set up

Speed 3 15.0 and a nice board


Favourite trick

Board off


Grass or sand?

Both can be playground for a perfect session


Winter or summer? 

It doesn't matter, I ride on a snowboard or landboard


Favourite spot?



Favourite event?

KLB Open in Berlin


Favourite colour?



Why do you think more girls don't do land freestyle?

They think it is dangerous?


Do you kite with other girls?

Only at events


Do they do freestyle? 

Not yet


Do you do any of your own kit maintenance? (eg fix broken kites, change bearings, mixer test etc) 

Everything on my board



Flysurfer, Stormside, Kitemechanics


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